Sunday, February 20, 2011

Materac Andromeda Janpol Najtaniej


Naples has won again. As a second classification maintains the pulse of Milan around the top of Serie A. The south has the right to dream with another scudetto, as those two in the second half of the eighties, when a certain Diego Armando Maradona was no longer a mere mortal to go to become a saint, a saint now! after turning the story and get together a few guys do for the first time a club champion Mezzogiorno. The first article that was posted on this blog, dedicated to stories of Calcium Enric Gonzalez left Monday in the country, was the Spaghetti for Milan. At that time, seven years ago, it was Napoli in Serie A, is not even competing for uploading. Their fight was not to their bones in the Third. Magic away the years remaining in which he was able to conquer the north, almost as far as the years have passed since then. But the dream has become a San Paolo. Viewing today's win against another lump, Catania, I remembered that article of the past. In a display of "contraactualidad" here is left the little history of northern and southern .

The three major Italian football clubs, Juventus, Milan and Inter are the north and finally became strong in the late 50's and early 60's thanks to the massive influx of immigrants Southerners. Who benefited most from this demographic shift was the Milan, the club proletarian of the city, as opposed to Inter, born of a split and always preferred by the bourgeoisie.

The work of the poor South Terrone Lombardy became one of the most industrialized and richest regions of Europe, its drive towards integration and enthusiasm auparon colors rojinegros and held them in the dark years, between 1980 and 1983, when Milan fell to the Second Division punished for corruption, he went and came back down on its own merits. Then came Silvio Berlusconi, who by then was limited to be the richest in the place, and what happened happened: AC Milan began collecting scudettos (League) and eared (European Cup).

A Berlusconi, whose political activity amazes and depresses the world, you can never deny the talent as a football chairman. Spend a fortune on new signings, right, and make up the balance sheets as anyone, also true. But so does Massimo Moratti at Inter and do not eat a donut.

Milan, European champions, and escapes in the league, after the fall rut. Shevchenko returns to the usual one, the young Brazilian Kaka (22 just turned) looks set to become the player of the decade (sounds strong, but true) and spaghetti platazos Carlo Ancelotti forcing the team to swallow midnight, after the late games have become a sort of magic potion. The zebras

(those in the Juve) maintain regular office, but his defense is, strangely, very loose, the snakes (Inter) have bought to compensate for Stankovic to Lazio urgently fiasco Kily Gonzalez but they are far behind and, moreover, have as always ready to fire gun in the foot if necessary, the Roma, whose game dazzled in the first round, is in crisis and begin to see that Emerson, the beam, will go to the end of the season. Things are looking good again for Milan.

How different is all for those who did not migrate and remained in Naples. There was a moment of glory, that of Maradona, and nothing else. Neapolitans still revere Maradona and yearning for the fleeting supremacy gave them while attending to the collapse of his team.

Napoli lost again yesterday, up from Como, and tifosi returned to star in a violent battle that left two injured. The club of the great southern city hangs on the tail of second and feel the cold on the heels of the third, the final calamity. Neapolitan poor. Milan had their cousins \u200b\u200band do have much more luck.


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